White Gem for Humanity

From Jungles & Nature

At BI-SU, all our products are made from naturally-occurring swiftlet nests from caves deep in the tropical jungles of East Malaysia, noted as having some of the highest quality bird’s nests in the world.

Legend has it that Admiral Zheng He survived on bird’s nest when his ship was marooned on an island in the Malay Archipelago. Surprised by the nests’ miraculous energy-restoring effects, Zheng He would return home with this wondrous discovery and gift it to the Emperor.

Since then, the natural bounty of the nests has been prized and valued for their miraculous rejuvenating qualities for over four centuries. And like Zheng He, we pick the nests ourselves, while taking the utmost care to preserve and honor the natural environment that it comes from, in order to deliver the best of its treasures to you.

Superfood for Beauty & Health

Although Chinese culture has long believed in the power of edible bird’s nests to preserve skin and heal the body, this belief has scientific merit. Research done by scientists in Hong Kong in 1987 found the nests to be rich in Epidermal Growth Factors (EGFs), a glycoprotein that contributes to skin preservation.

Japanese, Malaysian and US researchers also found that nests contain sialic acid, crucial in brain and nervous system formation as well as antiviral properties, capable of helping the body resist influenza. Modern science seems to agree that that bird’s nests can help keep skin youthful and smooth, and the body healthy and fortified against illness.

Perfect for All Women

For the women, bird’s nests are especially beneficial. Being rich in EGFs, bird’s nest is known to work well with the unique properties of female skin, keeping it smooth and bright. More crucially, it is an incredibly useful pre- and post-partum recovery supplement, allowing ready adsorption of healing nutrients into a new mother’s body.

As such, in the past having birds nest was a privilege only accessible to the wealthy. But BI-SU aims to make the healing powers of bird’s nests widely available to all women worldwide.

Study of Science

However, further research continues and BI-SU has taken the initiative to establish the Swiftlet Nest Research Center, which aims to reveal this substance’s true potential. The nutritional make-up of bird’s nests is incredibly complex and there is so much more potential to discover.

In light of this, we are also conducting joint research initiatives with universities and hospitals, in the hope that in addition to the fields of beauty and general wellness, we may share the wondrous benefits of birds’ nests with various other healthcare fields as well.