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Message from Owner

Inatomi’s Message

“During my first encounter with the swiftlet's nests in the wild, I was moved by its beauty and its potential benefits. Among these already rare nests, Malaysian wild swiftlet nests are considered to be the world’s finest. As such, we have named it "Beautiful Nest" or "BI-SU" in Japanese. It is a brand that seeks to deliver this genuine product and its miraculous benefits to all.

“However, as we receive this blessing from the swiftlets, we must also preserve their jungle home in our pursuit. We will only achieve our goal when BI-SU's approach is acknowledged by the world, in where the relationship between humanity and nature becomes a "circulating relationship" that compensates for each other. This is how we give back to the swiftlets, whose grace they share with us.

“Their nests are a priceless gem given to us by Nature, and we endeavor to deliver this gem straight into your hands.”



December 2021

Brand Story


Mr. Inatomi's first experience with a swiftlet's nest was in 2009, at a dinner in Malaysia. He was surprised to learn that locals in Malaysia consumed the nests as both a defense against and a remedy for serious illness, and was fascinated by the accounts of the various other benefits of this wild product.

"Don't swiftlets' nests originate from China? Why is it consumed here as a preventative and a cure? Numerous questions emerged in his mind and he thought, Isn't this what I want to devote myself to... for the rest of my life?"

In that very moment, he knew that this encounter marked the course of his destiny.


Immediately after returning to Japan, Mr. Inatomi poured himself into research, learning of bird’s nests’ reputation as a healing substance, as well as the untapped depth of its potential. Both tradition and science knew of its ability to heal, rejuvenate and maintain beautiful skin and a strong body. But he also learned of a troubling trend. The incredible value of the nests sparked the mass production of counterfeits nests, unsanitary swiftlet farms and the over-hunting of wild nests. He concluded that genuine, carefully collected bird’s nests were the only safe and ethically-acquired nests one could get. And so, with this in mind, Mr. Inatomi headed back to Malaysia, declaring to himself that "My mission is to spread the word of the importance of genuine bird’s nests to all!"


Very few entrepreneurs will risk danger to inspect a product, let alone harvesting it themselves. But Mr. Inatomi does, and does so regularly. Mr. Inatomi travels to Malaysia annually to harvest the nests with his own hands. This is a dangerous endeavor, as crevices where the swiftlet’s build their nests in the limestone caves of Borneo are hundreds of feet high. But Mr. Inatomi perseveres. He must acquire and see the genuine nests for himself. It is also a pilgrimage - a ritual homage to give thanks and pay his respects to the swiftlets themselves, whose gift are so treasured and so beneficial to humankind. "I want to deliver this wonderful creation to the world". This alone, this simple, earnest ideal is the foundation of BI-SU.