Live With Nature

3 Promises

We promise to deliver only natural, genuine products that we have personally checked ourselves.

We shall contribute to the protection of the natural environment and its ecosystems.

We strive to discover the unknown possibilities in swiftlet's nest to help building a better world.

Sustainable Harvesting

Swiftlets will never use the same nest twice after raising their chicks. Therefore, the nest is a sustainable resource and with proper care, it’s harvesting does not jeopardize the birds themselves or their environment.

Proper harvesting is mutually beneficial to both humans and swiftlets. Allowing the swiftlets to raise their young before harvesting their nests ensures the future of their species, and the future of bird’s nests as a resource.

Animal Friendly

Therefore, BI-SU only harvests nests from caves controlled by the Malaysian government, where harvesting is only allowed for a certain period of time and only nests confirmed to have been left by swiftlet hatchlings are harvested.

We received the certification and award from Malaysian Government to be approved that all BI-SU products materials are from legal harvested bird nest.

Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Authenticity

Protecting the Environment

As a rule, humankind must return what we take from the environment. Since BI-SU began, we have taken efforts to consistently donate a portion of our sales to protect Borneo’s wildlife. In recognition of this, we are honored to have received a letter of appreciation from the Malaysian government and a Certificate of Authenticity for our harvesting activities.

Moving forward, we strive ever further to help protect the environment, holding donation drives for the preservation of Bornean forests every year. As we take, so to do we give back. This is our goal. This is our creed.